Monday, June 13, 2011

Introducing Cloud Computing Demystified

Hello, my name is Carl and I am an  efficiency-aholic.  It has been 2 days since I have recommended changes in how things should be done differently to maximize efficiency.  "Hi Carl"  the support group responds in unison.  Excerpt transcript from the May session of the "Efficiency-aholic anonymous" Boca Chapter group meeting.  

Efficiency is everything to me from using the right tools to make weeding the garden as painless as possible to writing out the grocery list in a way that avoids the inevitable scavenger hunt I find myself in trying to find where they put the marshmallow fluff for my daughters peanut butter and fluff sandwiches.  (It's by the peanut butter in my local Publix but I've found it in the cake mix section and in the candy isle next to the marshmallows at other stores.. why isn't it standardized - whoops... I have to restart the "recommended changes" clock back to 0 days) It's not that I am really a super organized control freak,  it's just that I really like things to run smoothly and have always applied my analytical thinking skills to figure out the most efficient way of doing things..  (a fancy way of saying I'm lazy and want to minimize my efforts to maximize gain).  Anyway, with this blog I want to combine my passion for efficiency with simple, straight forward guidance on how Cloud Computing technologies can be leveraged to optimize your overall business productivity.

This will NOT be another tech blog on the nuances of how to set up Platforms as a Service such as Amazon's EC2 environment with a Amazon EBS-Backed (32-bit) US East (N. Virginia) hosted region ami-8c1fece5 Linux instance or how to set up SSH to manage your virtual server (Deep breathes...  whisper woosah as you rub your ears - don't worry I promise I will never bring that up again)  This blog will focus on highlighting real world examples of how key Cloud technologies (those that are released and proven ready for prime time (not the beta ones) have already helped businesses improve their bottom line.  I will also share my thoughts on what's not quite ready.

I will be encouraging questions and comments relevant to your own unique business cases and will strive to answer all of them in a timely manor.The frequency of the blog will be governed by your collective interest in the subject(s) and volume of questions as well as cycle of relevant news items that need "Demystifying".
I am very excited to share my experience and insight and look forward to your participation...

Hopefully I wont be relegated to the fate of Amy Adams playing Julie Powell as she blogged about her experience cooking each and every recipe in Julia Child's cookbook "Mastering the Art of French Cooking".  Initially it seemed only her mother read the posts...  if that's the case, well.. looking forward to your feedback Mom,  Love ya...

Warm regards,

Recovering Efficiency-aholic

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